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Men's Non-Surgical Hair Replacement


Men’s Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Lots of men experience hereditary male pattern hair loss or thinning hair, this can be caused by many factors such as stress, and medical conditions.

Many men suffer with anxiety, loss of confidence and social exclusion as a result of hair loss. They may also feel increasingly compromised in their work.

Advanced techniques are now available at Talking Heads Hair. Non Hair Replacement is now a very common practice, adopted by many TV personalities, movie stars, pop stars and actors who wear hair replacement systems with complete confidence.

At Talking Heads we only use the finest and most advanced systems. Custom built with refined polymer and microfilament ‘skins’ painstakingly hand-crafted with the highest quality human hair.

Coupled with our high tech attachment systems, over 60 colours and expert application by one of our hair replacement stylists.


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